Immigration Law 


We provide quality services to all types of visa applications, appeals to MRT, RRT, AAT or the Court including:

  • Workers- e.g. Temporary Employer Sponsored Workers, Professional Skilled Migrants.
  • Migrants-e.g. Permanent Employer Sponsored Workers
  • Visitors-e.g. Tourists, Retirees.
  • Students
  • Employers- e.g. Employer Sponsored Workers
  • Refugees- e.g. Asylum/Protection visa
  • Health and Character issues
  • Review Application to the Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal and Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Appeals to the court
  • Request for Ministerial Intervention
  • Australian Citizenship Application- e.g. a child born in Australia and spent  10 years in Australia regardless of their illegal visa status due to their parents.